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#ArtHistoryTrending Lunch and Learn Series - Session 3

February 23, 2017

Series #ArtHistoryTrending

Session 3: #Memes, #Themes and Devious Schemes: Symbolism and the Power of a Pictorial Society

Feeling overwhelmed by social media? Images, logos and pictures have always played and important role in human communication. In Session 3 of this lecture series, we took a closer look at how those images have evolved from hieroglyphics of Ancient Egypt to the #Memes of the 21st century.

1921 by Norman Van Aken served a fabulous lunch menu just for our group.


Valentine's Day Came Early with the Paul DeRittter Band

 February 11, 2017

An early celebration for Valentine's Day at Modernism Museum Mount Dora with the Paul DeRitter Band was a huge success. Many attendees enjoyed The Exclusive 3MD Concert Menu at 1921 by Norman Van Aken prior to the show and then mingled in the amazing "esherick to Nakashima" exhibit while sipping on their sparkling wine. We are so thankful that Main Street Leasing sponsored this fabulous event. 


#ArtHistoryTrending Lunch and Learn Series - Session 2

January 26, 2017

Series #ArtHistoryTrending

Session 2: #SelfieCulture and #SquadGoals: The History of Portraiture and Group Portraits

But first...let me take a selfie! Do you think selfies are a new social media trend of the 21st century? In Session 2 of this 3-part lecture series, we discussed how artists have been painting self-portraits for hundreds of years and how that art historical tradition influences today's #SelfieCulture.

1921 by Norman Van Aken, blocked off a special space for this informative lecture and offered food service from the lunch menu.


Jared on the Violin Back by Popular Demand

January 14, 2017

Attendees at Modernism Museum Mount Dora's concert was electrified with the talent of Jared Violin! Jared has played the violin since the age of 3 and his immense talent has taken him all the way to Broadway and Carnegie Hall. This intimate solo concert, was sponsored by Main Street Leasing, and showcased everything from classical pieces to bluegrass, jazz and even rock.

Dinner and a show: Many attendees enjoyed a special concert menu provided by 1921 by Norman Van Aken, which included a starter, entree and dessert before settling in for Jared's amazing concert!



Serenity Saturday - Rejuvenate for Spring at MMMD

March 18, 2017

Participants enjoyed a no instruction, no stress Serenity Saturday - surrounded by the beautiful works of art in the "esherick to NAKASHIMA" exhibit.



Christmas on the Caligari with Jeffrey Chodil

Saturday, December 3

Main Street Leasing was proud to present an amazing holiday experience in the "esherick to NAKASHIMA" exhibit with classical pianist Jeffrey Chodil in a very special "Christmas on the Caligari" concert. 

Jeffrey performed timeless holiday favorites along with inspiring pieces by Bach, Beethoven and Chopin on Wendell Castle's "Caligari" piano, originally crafted for the inclusion in the unique and prestigious Steinway Art Case piano collection. 


Adult Origami Workshop

Saturday, December 17  

The word "Origami" is used as an inclusive term for all folding practices. The goal is to transform a flat sheet of square paper into a finished sculpture through folding and sculpting techniques. Paula Davis, taught this age old art to an exciting group of individuals. Origami is often associated with the Japanese culture and the perfect inspiration of George Nakashima will surrounded all who attended. 



#ArtHistoryTrending: How Instagram Brought Still Lifes & Landscapes into the 21st Century

Thursday, November 10 6:00pm 

We explored the traditions of Art History through the lens of social media and today's pop culture trends! It was extremely fun, informative and best of all,  FREE! The lecture illustrated how Instagram pays homage to art historical traditions like Still Lifes and Landscapes in the 21st century. 




The Caligari Piano, Went Celtic!

Saturday, November 19  

Marcille Wallis and Don Pigeon celebrated all things Celtic in a high-energy performance! Wendell Castles' Caligari piano came alive with bluegrass, old-time Appalachian rock and classical. 

For the first time, and certainly not the last, concert attendees were invited to try out the new 3MD 3-Course Concert Menu at 1921 by Norman Van Aken for $35.00. Click here to take a look at the menu offered that night.


Serenity Saturdays

Saturday, October 1 - 11:00am 

What a wonderful group of creative and now thanks to our Serenity Saturday, peaceful! It was a low-key morning of serenity at the museum. Colored pencils and coloring pages were provided as the participants enjoyed an hour of tranquil, adult coloring time. No instructions, no stress, no expectations - just the time and freedom to express their individual creativity while surrounded by art. 

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