About Modernism Museum Mount Dora

Modernism Museum Mount Dora promises to be a museum like no other. We invite you to come and experience Modernism!

spiralStairCornerforWebModernism started more than a century ago. Science, technology and cultures were all going through change, which made people question their previous beliefs. The world seemed to be about “progress” and what was “new.”  Traditions were reexamined and people started asking, “Why not?”

This question set artists moving in opposing directions with new ways of looking, working, and creating. Emerging from the chaos was the Studio Arts Movement, where high art meets craftsmanship.

Studio Art is as familiar as your kitchen table and as mysterious as the human mind. The artwork you’ll find here marries form and function, art and ability; it blends beauty and skill, and a place to prop your feet.

At Modernism Museum Mount Dora, we're constantly posing another question: "Is it sculpture, or is it furniture?"

The answer is not that simple: it’s in your own mind and in your own perception. So look and look again. Then you decide.

Welcome to a place that celebrates creativity and ideas that step away from tradition in a very modern way. These works of art show us a new way of not only seeing the wider world, but also our own bedrooms and dining rooms, our lamps and desks, our footstools and our step ladders. Enjoy!

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